Helping Hand

This is all the farmers of today want, a helping hand, they are a dying breed and one day when there is no farms left and no fresh food, we will wonder how it came to this. This is the time when we need to turn this trend around, it is no wonder that there are less farming families on the land helping to feed the country and that they receive so little support from us the city dwellers. We think our life is tough, try being up a sparrow fart and working the land to make a small profit every year or find buyers agents Sydney will help you so much. 

The numbers are big, when it comes to harvest time and you might think well they certainly made some money off of that crop but it isn’t the reality at all. Have a look at farm equipment for sale and you will see where all their money goes, for the machinery they need to make a place viable they have to fork out shit loads of cash and then there is maintenance and the buying of seed and feed for livestock not to mention the day to day living of the farmer and his family. 

If there is disease, floods, drought or fire they have to rebuild and start all over again, this is a lifestyle only suited to the strongest and hardiest of us and you have to have a passion for the land to even contemplate staying and doing the hard yards. It may seem like some of them own huge tracts of land and that they should be making fortunes but with the lack of rain on the horizon and salinity becoming a big problem, then those vast kilometres are reduced to a smaller amount of viable land that can be worked.

They have to take into account all the hippy dippy’s that are refusing to let them cull trees, kangaroos and pests from their land, have water conserving methods in place, if they have water and then be adversely affected by all those that refuse to sell stock to countries that they think are cruel to animals. What is cruel is everybody looking overseas to lands that are in poverty and have starving children, meanwhile on home soil we have families that don’t have enough water to bath or cook with, animals starving in the paddocks because there is not enough food or water to support them and whole families losing their homes and way of life because they are not able to pay the bank the money they have loaned to support the animals.

So instead of focusing on the torture that may be occurring in some slaughter house over the wide blue ocean, how about focusing on the torture of animals slowly starving to death in our own country, going to spend a couple of thousand on charities, send a truck load of water to a farm that really needs it, so they can fill up their tanks and keep their animals alive and stop whining about bruised fruit and meat prices.